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The Poaching Problem

Somewhere along the line, the term “poaching” became interchangeable with “recruiting” in the business landscape. This mischaracterization of the recruiting process has always bothered me. Poaching, in its intended context, is “the illegal killing or capturing of wild animals.” The implications of using this term to describe recruiting are extremely problematic. First,

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Elevating Email Communication: The Power of Acknowledgment

In the fast-paced landscape of professional communication dominated by emails, there’s a simple yet often underestimated practice that has the potential to transform your interactions: acknowledging receipt. In this blog post, we’ll explore the impact of this small but significant step towards First Class Communication. The Silence Dilemma Think about

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Tackling the Top Challenges for Small AEC Firms with BOSS

During my recent attendance at the CEO roundtable for small firms at the ACEC National Conference in Austin, Texas, CEOs shared their top challenges:  Firm Growth Ownership Transition and Succession Planning Workforce Shortage While topics like AI, DEI, and workforce shortages dominate the industry narrative, these rankings are quite fitting

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Improving Business Operations and Leadership by Design

I had a great conversation with Peter Atherton of Actions Prove in Episode 102 of The AEC Leadership Today podcast. We covered a lot of ground, from implementing Quality systems like TQM and ISO 9001 to Strategic Planning and everything in between. Perhaps the centerpiece of the conversation regarded business

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Three Tips for Timely Meetings

Struggling to get meetings to start on time? Are your teams frantically running from one meeting to the next, even virtually? You are not alone! When I became CEO of full-service design and construction management firm, our meeting culture was such that people would start showing up at the top

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Perfectionism & Leadership

Perfectionism can be seen as both a positive and a negative quality, depending on the context and its impact on an individual’s life. On the positive side, perfectionism can drive individuals to strive for excellence and high standards in their work, relationships, or personal endeavors. It can lead to meticulous

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