Strategic Planning

We have a very real-world pragmatic approach to business. But that doesn’t mean we don’t value good strategic planning. Strategic Planning is an important step in creating a successful business. However, a strategic plan is only as good as it’s implementation. For that reason, our focus is on creating a strategic plan you can follow through on.

Ownership Transition

Ownership transition is a challenge most firms face at some point in their life cycle.  These are big hairy challenges with all kinds of people issues attached to them.  Having personally navigated an extensive ownership transition we know how hard this can be.  We also know that it can be done in a way where everyone wins.   Need help with Ownership transition?

Marketing & Business Development Strategy

Marketing and Business Development are particularly challenging topics in the AEC industry. From the design professional standpoint, Marketing has historically been discouraged in professional services. Relationships and referrals have historically been the primary methods of business development. We’re not suggesting that relationships and referrals are no longer relevant or valuable. But there is opportunity to augment those efforts and improve your company performance at the same time. Are you looking to get more out of your Marketing and BD efforts?

Outside Board Member

No one knows better than a past CEO the importance of good board level leadership. It’s critically important to challenge and contribute to the leadership of the company without undermining or becoming redundant with the Management team. Does your organization need an external board member that understands the design and construction industry?